Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Create a kml file of Bristol Electoral Wards

A completed map showing electoral wards for South Bristol
View FILWOOD in a larger map

Step 1: Find a map for an electoral ward in Bristol

Bristol City Council Electoral Wards

Step 2: Find the statistics for the ward

for example:
pop. 11,501 (2001 census)
9.90% turnout Mayoral Referendum – 2012 
Last (35)

Step 3: Create a new map in google maps

You will need a google account.

  1. Click on 'my places'
  2. Click 'create map'
  3. Use the 'shape' tool to draw an outline of the ward
  4. Click on the 'shape' and add text (stats)

Export the map as a kml file

Step 4: Create a web page

Upload the kml file to your server
See source code for writing the html

The link to the kml file in the code must be an absolute URL, that is the full address including http:// as a relative link will not work