Monday, 16 November 2015

Barcode scanner

Animated interface for Falmouth Games Academy (FGA)


FGA want to keep a track ohow often the students work in the studio space so they need a solution that recognises the students individually.

This is a common problem in the internet of things how can a machine associate interactions with a real world person? On the internet the machine can geolocate the IP address of each visitor as each visitor is tagged by the ISP. Outside of the network objects don't have as readily accessible meta data.

Possible ways for machine to identify external objects
  • Image recognition
  • rfid chips
  • finger print recognition
Image recognition would need to a clearer enough image to associate the external object with.

Andy Smith assembled
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Screen
  • Barcode reader

Animation style

Moving animation away from the timeline

The interface is on a web server and displayed on the screen through a fullscreen browser. The interface is built in javascript.
Options for animating
  • Animated gif
  • sprite
  • files
Used requestAnimationFrame which displays animations at the screen refresh rate most typically at 60fps which is too fast for traditional animation.
 The advantage of requestAnimationFrameis that it stops working when the user opens a new tab 
Using jquery to swap the background image