Sunday, 22 October 2017

Arnolfini Survey

An animated kiosk survey designed for Arnolfini in Bristol to evaluate audience engagement in the Grayson Perry exhibition "The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!"

The survey on floor 1 of Arnolfini

The animated survey is the result of a collaboration between myself (Dane Watkins) and Arnolfini, it attempts to collect useful data and question how surveys are designed.
  • Do surveys need to be functional and stripped from style to collect data?  
  • Can playfulness add value to surveys? 
  • Does it distract or enhance? 

The survey attempts to test some of these questions by creating a playful, animated cultural artefact. The results of this survey will be compared against previous surveys which were designed in a more functionalist aesthetic.

The survey is built into a kiosk that contains two Raspberry Pis, see for a more detailed account of the software. The kiosk was built in MDF.

You can read more about the survey in Arnolfini

The survey is part of my PhD at Falmouth University investigating playfulness within information design. You can read more about my research at